Photography by
David Aschkenas
Text by
Abby Mendelson
This brilliantly composed book contains more than 100 photographs by award-winning photographer David Aschkenas documenting the last months of Pittsburgh´s Civic Arena and its subsequent demolition. Given unprecedented access to the building and environs, Aschkenas painstakingly recorded the entire year-long process. To complement the extraordinary images, award-winning writer Abby Mendelson skillfully selected and edited a spectrum of memories from Arena patrons, performers, and athletes, including former Penguin Pierre Larouche and musicians Joe Grushecky and Billy Price. A powerful introduction to the book authored by Mendelson tells the Arena´s fascinating history. Designer Ken Lawton has fashioned this memorable material into a unique and moving project for all to experience and keep as a memento of an era gone by.

Sample Excerpts:

Even when I played for other teams, I loved coming back. There was always a special feeling I had, coming back to the place I started. And those orange seats!
Pierre Larouche

...the Stones took the stage. I had a momentary meltdown and rushed up front, leaving my 10-year-old brother all alone in his seat.
Joe Grushecky

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